What To Expect at Your Newborn Session

Mother and father cuddling with newborn baby boy

Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle newborn sessions are very relaxed.  They last 1-2 hours and are flexible with time to allow you to take breaks and feed your baby if needed. When I first arrive I will walk around your home to check out the window light and to make a plan for the session.   You are always welcome to email me photos of your home beforehand if you wish.

 It's natural to feel a bit awkward in front of the camera, but newborn sessions are very laid back.  I will be documenting natural interactions between you and your baby (snuggles, kisses, loving gazes).  Sometimes I will position you or move you into the best lighting. If your newborn has siblings, we will also want to include them in some photos.   If you have any “must have” inspirations or shot ideas, let me know ahead of time! I will also need to stand on your furniture and bed to photograph all different angles!

mother holding her newborn baby boy in her Portland home

The Studio: Your Home

After just having a baby, the last thing I want you to do is worry about cleaning your house for photos! Start observing the light in your home now and pay attention to what room has the best natural light coming through the windows in the morning.   Then only worry about keeping those spaces tidy! You do not need to have a spacious bright and airy home,  all we need is a bedroom or living room with a good window. We may do some photos of you and your family snuggling on a bed, so find a bedroom with pretty natural light. If you have one, please put a white comforter or blanket on the bed.

father holding newborn baby boy nose to nose

The Day Of

The day of your newborn session, keep your home a little extra toasty.  Feed your baby right before I arrive. These two things help keep babies sleepy and happy while being photographed.  During the session there is no rush, we can take as many breaks as you need to feed and attend to your baby.

Have a newborn on the way?

As always, I would love to work with you and your family! If you have a little one on the way, please reach out! Newborn sessions are usually scheduled out 1-4 months in advance.